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Plumbing related Emergencies Problems Vaillant Potterton Worcester Bosch Boiler Installation Repair


Plumbing related Emergencies Problems can vary in devastation of the major leak, to the lethal results of contaminated water and Deadly Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Most problems could be prevented should you keep the plumbing and heating systems well-maintained


Burst Pipes Emergencies


Do not Stress! The very first factor to complete would be to prevent water passing the point of the leak. Switch off all stop valves (sometimes known as stop cocks) that are frequently sited underneath the drain. If there isn’t an interior valve, switch off water in the exterior valve which might be within cover inside your garden or path.


When the getting away water can’t be controlled immediately, open all cold water taps to ensure that the pipe work and storage system drains rapidly. Don’t Switch On HOT TAPS. Switch off the heating system and, whether it utilizes a solid fuel boiler, permit the fire to die out. Turn off any electric immersion heater, and then call an expert plumber.


Frozen Pipes


If your pipe freezes, switch off the mains water supply in the stop valve in your home. When the frozen pipe runs from the storage cistern and isn’t controlled with a valve, make sure that it hasn’t split. Whether it has, empty the cold water storage cistern by opening the cold water taps and eliminating the WC. Knowing how you can, you can siphon water in the cistern having a garden hose, and then call an expert plumber. When the pipe isn’t split, defrost it out by using warm water bottles.


If any area of the hot water and Heating product is frozen, there might be a chance of explosion when the boiler (or any other heating source) is stored alight, so make sure it is switched off, or solid fuel systems, extinguish the fireplace. Be cautious as although water might be flowing from taps, other areas from the system can always be frozen.


  • Don’t attempt to defrost it too quickly because there might be splits within the pipe which aren’t immediately noticeable.
  • Never make use of a naked flame to defrost a pipe.
  • Begin thawing a pipe in the finish nearest the tap.

Smell Gas ?


National Power grid works a totally free emergency round-the-clock phone number should you identify gas – 0800 111 999. Hard of hearing or hearing impaired – minicom / text phone 0800 371787.

  • Never ignite a naked flame / strike a match etc.
  • Never touch any electrical appliance (including light switches).
  • Put out naked flames.
  • Open doorways and home windows.
  • Keep people from the affected region.
  • Switch off the gas supply in the meter while using control valve.
  • Deadly Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Deadly Carbon Monoxide (CO) is created when carbon based fuels for example gas, oil, coal and wood aren’t burnt properly. This is often triggered by incorrect installing of home appliances as well as their flues. Incorrect ventilation and insufficient maintenance may also cause a product to lose improperly. If flames appear lazy and yellow and home appliances are encircled by considerable amounts of smoke, they are telltale signs that CO has been created.

Contact with Deadly Carbon Monoxide may cause headaches, nausea, light-headedness and fatigue, and severe cases can lead to withdrawal leading to convulsions, unconsciousness as well as dying.

If you’re start feeling the signs and symptoms of CO poisoning get outdoors from the property immediately. If you were feeling ill and suspect CO poisoning request your physician for any CohB test. In severe cases call 999 immediately.

Make sure that all home appliances are maintained regularly, and fit a CO alarm, ensuring it meets the EN50291 Standard. Your CIPHE installer can fit one of this



Safe for sure

Your safety is our primary concern when working with gas or electrical
appliances. Every Plumber, Heating Engineer or Electrician at Rapid Fix Plumbing and Heating is qualified to the Industry standards and be registered to Gas Safe(CORGI) and Part P.

Please always ask to see relevant identifications and qualifications.